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thornafire_postMagnaa Mysteria MMXIV Europe tour completed!!!

Tuesday, November - 2014 by Thornafire.

Yes!!!! we did our third tour over european most evil and metal lands. Everything was excelent in this new voyage across clubs mainly and to speak we are thinking in next movements concerning music. We hope surprise and entertain ourselves and of course try with your insane minds as well, see you soon!!! Metal Mania Mental Funeral ou yeeee hi ho!

thornafire_postMagnaa Mysteria MMXIV Europe tour on next October

Friday, September 26 - 2014 by Thornafire.

We will be on Tour next October showing how powerfull and evil are new songs of our album "Magnaa".


02 October – Klub Linse, BERLIN - GERMANY
03 October - Skullcrusher Fest, DRESDEN - GERMANY
04 October - Sanitätsstelle, CHEMNITZ - GERMANY
09 October - Unikum, BRAUNSCHWEIG - GERMANY
10 October - Bambi Galore, HAMBURG - GERMANY
14 October - Nashville Pub, BEZIERS- FRANCE
15 October - The Up&Down, MONTPELLIER - FRANCE
18 October - Bandhaus Leipzig, LEIPZIG - GERMANY

thornafire_postThornafire´s "Magnaa" has been released

Friday, September 26 - 2014 by Thornafire.

We are very happy... bla bla bla...we think that this release is the best so far...bla, bla, bla. Some dirty mind people are telling that is a good release so better check it by yourself, get your copy from this good german company HERE

thornafire_postRecording the new album, the number four

Thursday, April 3 - 2014 by Thornafire.

Ok. took us lot of time speak about news but here they are. In this times when new releases dont get so much attention as in the gold old days, we are making a big effort to take our music to the next level. 1.3 year doing, fixing and rehealsing the songs and we are recording from last February until today the instruments...we think that if you dont like it, at least this new album would work fine at our car CD player.

thornafire_postThornafire signs with FDA Rekotz

Friday, April 26 - 2013 by Thornafire.

FDA Rekotz is totally proud to announce the signing of THORNAFIRE from Chile

The band has issued a video statement discussing their deal with FDA Rekotz and the addition of drummer Nikko Pagani to the lineup. Check it out below:

Check it a video statement:link

thornafire_postThornafire interview next friday January 11-2013

Wednesday, January 9 - 2013 by Thornafire.

The band will be talking with XEPER's METAL DISSECTION FROM CHILE about their experiences doing Death Metal from the most southern country of the world, also about their past and future plans in a relaxed conversation.

Tune In! at the following link

thornafire_post 2 months of Eclipse Phenoma Tour completed

Wednesday, August 8 - 2012 by Thornafire.

We are very satisfied to have completed two great months of touring to German festivals and through Eastern Europe presenting our latest album "Eclipse Nox Coagula". During this second European tour we had some unique experiences for our lives as musicians and we strived to destroy amplifiers and drums with our sordid death metal in each scenario where we were on stage.

We met a lot of crazy people who, however, are very clear with their perception and work in this kind of music, and we can say that in Europe there are a bunch of maniacs that keep this horrible and barbaric music alive and healthy.

Now we are taking a short break to then continue to pursue our darkest vibes and madness in our music.

thornafire_postEclipse Phenomena Europe tour on next June/July

Friday, May 18 - 2012 by Thornafire.

The titled "Eclipse Phenomena tour" will start in GAHLEN MOSCHT METAL OPEN AIR and will take place in several summer festivals at Germany, Romania, Poland and Lithuania. The dates are the following:


07.06.2012 GAHLEN MOSCHT METAL OPEN AIR, Drebkau/Göritz, DE
08.06.2012 CHRONICAL MOSHERS OPEN AIR, Hauptmannsgrün, DE
09.06.2012 PUB KAZAMATY, Kraków, PL
10.06.2012 METAL CAVE, Warsaw, PL
15.06.2012 OST FEST, Bucharest, RO
23.06.2012 PROTZEN OPEN AIR, Langen-Neuruppin, DE
30.06.2012 BASINFIREFEST, Spálené Porící, CZ
07.07.2012 IN FLAMMEN OPEN AIR, Torgau-Entenfang, DE
14.07.2012 DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR, Anyksciai, LT
27.07.2012 RIEDFEST, Rohr, DE
28.07.2012 RUDE - Rock Unter Den Eichen, Bertingen, DE

victor_postThornafire will take place at Chile´s the Metal Fest

Tuesday, February - 2012 by Víctor.

We will be part on April of the “Chile Metal Fest” event. Spanning the weekend of April 28-29, sharing stage with someone of the biggest names in heavy metal, includes Testament, Anthrax, Fear Factory, Exodus, Blind Guardian and Kreator.

victor_postThornafire To Begin Recording New Album Today

Monday, February 6 - 2012 by Víctor.

Thornafire — featuring Víctor Mac-Namara, JP Donoso, Christian Argandoña — has inked a new record deal with Ibex Moon Records/Australis Records. The band was working on the demos and today we start tracking "Eclipse Nox Coagula" on the Sade Studios, Santiago City. A CD, vinyl and digipack release are expected for mid May, as well as bonus tracks available only on the Vinyl edition.

vic_postAlexis fired from Thornafire

Wednesday, October 12- 2011 by Vic.

Alexis Muñoz is not in the band anymore. The reasons are, his no creation for the new album and disinterest in the compromises and live shows for the band. Christian Argandoña from the band Enumbria Santiago came to replace the slot. He is currently working with the chilean writer Patrizio Araya in the lyrics for the new album, "Eclipse Nox Coagula". We are very pleased with this new change and the great contribution of this new member, and of course we wish luck to Alexis with his new musical projects.

victor_postThornafire new tour across Argentina

Sunday, October 2- 2011 by Víctor.

We are happy to announce a new tour on Argentina. We prepared a special killer set to show over there are. The dates are the following:

November 4, San Juan
November 5, Cordoba
November 6, Mendoza

victor_postShow with Slayer on Santiago for the next July 2th

Monday, May 16th - 2011 by Víctor.

Being musicians and fans we are very happy to be part in the scenario of a Slayer concert and opening for them in our city. Actually, I don’t have many words to talk about this, I can only say that we will unleash our fury and with our sharpened axes and drums of doom will evoke the somber cry of death. In short, we hope to leave the stage in a state of shit, but will at least leave the electrical system in good condition in order to let Slayer bring their crushing end to the masochistic audience with their classic sound of tyranny.

jp_postTour with legendary Chile´s Pentagram

Sunday, December 26th - 2010 by JP.

We are happy to announce that will be do a mini tour with the legenday chilean band, Pentagram. The dates are the following:

Metal Chaos Fest - Santiago (24/01/11)
Show at "El Huevo" - Valparaiso (25/01/11)


thornafire_postVideo Clip for Deconstrucción

Saturday, December 25th - 2010 by Thornafire.

It took us some time, but it was ultimately worth it. Judge for yourself! Check out our new audiovisual material here.

vic_postFirst Eurotour Completed

Monday, August 16th - 2010 by Vic.

Our first tour through Europe are now complete! We saw and learned a lot about the scene on these continent, where as Paul Speckmann we says “Europe is where the metal lives and breathes”. Now slowly we are starting to write material for a new album and hope that we can soon supply you with further information about our work.

thornafire_postFirst Tour on Europe

Sunday, May 16th - 2010 by Thornafire.

We have our first tour in Europe scheduled for next July, where we will be playing the Obscene Extreme and a small but cool festival in Austria. In addition, we will play in countries like Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. At this point, we would like to thank CNCA and Minrel / DIRAC Government of Chile and our label Ibex Moon Records for their support.

We can’t wait to go there, so we can sadistically show our stuff on stage

thornafire_postNew Video Clip

Thursday, April 1 - 2010 by Thornafire.

We have placed before the cameras to launch this month of April, the video of the song 'Deconstrucción', The song has a theme "futurist inspired by religious and social decline experienced in this Eon of Horus." Attentive to the video output and new hopes that the band soon confirm.

thornafire_postRelease show for the new album

Tuesday September 15, 2009 by Víctor.

We have confirmed the release show in our city, Santiago. We will be showing all the poisonous vibe of "Vorex Deconstrucción" plus some old songs. We hope that you can go there and be a witness of our set.

thornafire_postVorex Deconstrucción already on Stores!

Wednesday July 21th - 2009 by Thornafire

Our second CD "Vorex Deconstrucción" has been released and are available through Ibex Moon records. We are very satisfied with the result and hope to report soon live shows here in Santiago to play alive some of this new material


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